Camilla Saunders Cancantata

Camilla is a composer, improviser, performer – piano, voice, trombone, accordion, found objects. Trained in Western classical music, then studied and recorded folk music in Hungary and Romania. Now living in Radnorshire, Wales, since 2009.

She also co-founded Footloose Community Arts in London in 2000, and worked on numerous, mainly improvisation-based community arts projects in schools, outdoor spaces, care homes and communal spaces.  Footloose activities in Wales include eg Musical Migrations, Water Stories, and numerous workshops in schools and with local Young Carers.

Camilla has also collaborated with musicians and artists from many different backgrounds including Neela Bhagwat, Indian classical khayal singer based in Mumbai; Ahmed Muhktar, Iraqi oud player; Tari Ito, Japanese performance artist; Lorena Sireno and various artists in Pisa and Florence, Italy. Organised concerts and workshops with Ahmed and local musicians in 2018.

She has a long list of original compositions and her CDs include solo recorded solo piano improvisation Time and Again, and Piano Piano; Songs for Interesting Times; Meeting Point (with Neela Bhagwat); Trident, a British War Crime.

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