Ahmed Mukhtar

Oud Master, Advanced Oud Teacher, Music Theory, Percussion & Rhythms

Born in Baghdad, Mukhtar has been playing the oud and Arabic percussions since 1979. He has worked with many folk music groups and musicians in the city. In 1983, he began studying both the oud and percussion at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad with the Masters Ghanim Haddad and Jameel Jerjis. In 1985, Mukhtar began working with Arabic orchestras and performing on Iraqi TV with a variety of Iraqi groups. A few years later, in 1990 he attended the High Institute of Music in Damascus where he continued his studies of the oud as well as western percussions. In 1999, Mukhtar earned an M.A. Diploma from the London College of Music, and in 2003, he received a Masters Degree in Performance with a focus on Middle-Eastern and Arabic music from SOAS (the School of Oriental and African Studies), London.
He is currently teaching oud, percussion and Arabic music theory in many institutes around London including SOAS, the University of London, and the Taqasim Music School. This is in addition to working as the Musical Programs Director for Al-Fayha, an Iraqi television channel.


Founder and Director of Taqasim Music School
Member of the High Committee of the Babylon International Arts & Cultural Festival, Hilla, Iraq
Producer and presenter of the Solo Program, Al-Fayha, on Iraqi TV
Former Musical Director – Sleep Song project in France
Former Director – Iraqi Music Week
Awards and Prizes
2015 – First artist from the Middle-East to be selected by ARC International Music Productions to participate and support the “World Music for War Child”
2009 – Alhambra Award

2019 -Visions of Iraq
2015 – Babylonian Fingers
2005 – Road to Baghdad
2003 – Rhythms of Baghdad
1999 – Words from Eden
1997 – Tajwal (Live Recital on Oud)

Other Work
Mukhtar has participated and performed in more than 250 international festivals worldwide. For more information, please visit www.amukhtar.com.


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