Fadi Alnaji

Fadi is a Palestinian performer and Oud player born in 1980 in Saudi Arabia. Fadi has joined Taqasim school in February 2013. He has started learning Oud in Damascus since 1997.

He participated and played in many occasions to celebrate the Oud and its cultural influence. Fadi has written and performed a play called Fareed & Frida in Exeter 2010. In the play, Fadi introduced the Oud as an individual character through which the human characters communicated. Fadi also initiated a project called “a musical painting” in which he used the Oud, Piano, Flute, and a singer to produce a musical conversation based on Middle Eastern and western masterpieces. Fadi is also passionate about writing lyrics and composing music, he has written a few songs one of them is a tribute to Mahmoud Darwish (A lover from Palestine). He is currently developing a performing style where he plays the Oud and recites poetry simultaneously.


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