Maqam Moods
The Mosaic Rooms
29 November 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Subject: Take a journey through the history of maqamaat, exploring the origins of these modes and the emotions they evoke. 

Master musician and lecturer: Ahmed Mukhtar (oud)

Percussionist: Elizabeth Nott

The Mosaic Rooms: Tower House, 226 Cromwell Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0SW

Tickets: Free


Lunch-time Lecture
part of the
Ashurbanipal Exhibition.
The British Museum 
8 November 2018 – 24 February 2019


Subject: Music at the time of Ashurbanipal
Lecturer: Prof. Richard Dumbrill (Archeomusicologist)
Musical illustrations: Sevan Habib (vocalist)

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Film Premier: Voices of Iraq
FRRME (The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle-East)
7th September 2018

Music performed by: Ahmed Mukhtar (oud) & Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde (flamenco guitar) 
Private event

“Music Heals the Soul” – Exclusive interview with Ahmed Mukhtar by FRRME

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The Mosaic Rooms  July 2018

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